86 Trillion Shiba Inu (SHIB) Held in Binance’s Publicly Disclosed Wallets: Details

According to blockchain analytics firm Nansen, crypto exchange Binance holds over $63.3 billion ($63,350,618,865.88) worth of assets in its publicly disclosed wallets.

A major chunk of this net worth includes $19 billion worth of USDT, $14.5 billion worth of BTC, $7.5 billion worth of ETH, $7.1 billion worth of BUSD and $3.2 billion in BNB.

Other crypto assets account for 18.79% of Binance’s net worth or assets.

Nansen, however, clarifies that the assets or net worth mentioned above refers to the value of the token holdings in the wallet addresses provided by the exchange on the blockchains it supports.

Thus, it may not be an exhaustive or comprehensive statement of the actual assets or reserves held by the exchange on behalf of its users or customers.

Over 86 trillion SHIB sits in Binance’s portfolio

A glance through the Binance portfolio, as provided by Nansen, indicates that over 86 trillion SHIB sits in various wallet addresses.

The breakdown is given below; for simplicity’s sake, the initials of the wallets are being reported.

Wallet “0x5a52” holds 46,926,053,923,695 SHIB worth $484,746,137.03. “0xf977” wallet holds 30,555,635,413,417 valued at $315,639,713. Wallet “0x47ac” holds 7,390,000,000,000 valued at $76,338,700.

Also, the “0x28c6” wallet holds 735,122,523,454 SHIB worth $7,593,815.67. “0xdfd5” wallet holds 288,315,943,377 SHIB worth $2,978,303. Wallet “0x21a3” holds 250,473,529,380 SHIB worth $2,587,391. “0xf977..41acec” wallet holds 200,000,000,000 SHIB valued at $2,066,000.00.

The continuation of the long list goes thus: wallet “0x8894” holds 99,393,937,976 SHIB worth $1,026,739; wallet “0xdccf” holds 15,852,159,335 SHIB valued at $163,752 and wallet “0x9696” holds 115,149,189 SHIB worth $1,189.

Wallet “0x4976” holds 16,089,143 SHIB worth $166. The “0x161b” wallet holds 11,877,984 SHIB worth $122.

At the time of writing, SHIB was down 1.87% in the last 24 hours to $0.0000103.

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