Arbitrum Foundation Homepage Crashes as Users Rush to Claim ARB Tokens

Just as Arbitrum opened the gates to its ARB token, the project’s landing page crashed.

The homepage reports a 429 error, indicating that it is being overwhelmed by user traffic. The site was also the primary mechanism by which eligible users could claim their airdropped ARB tokens.

Alongside the homepage, Arbiscan has also crashed, with a note that reads: “The service is unavailable.”

Like Etherscan, Arbiscan is a convenient data platform that collects various Arbitrum metrics including gas fees and transaction numbers.

ARB is the speedy layer-2’s highly-anticipated governance token which was first announced on March 16. Since then, Crypto Twitter has been actively attempting to calculate how much one token will cost.

The majority of eligible wallet addresses are expected to receive 625 tokens. Certain wallets that fulfilled the entire eligibility criteria are expected to see 10,250 tokens.

Per data from CoinGecko, the official Arbitrum token hit a high of $8.65 but has since fallen down to $2.02.

Editor’s note: This story is breaking and will be updated shortly.



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