Cardano (ADA) Could Be Set for 11% Spike, Here’s How

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Arman Shirinyan
Cardano might be aiming for another leg upward, suggests chart
Cardano (ADA) has been showing promising signs of an uptrend, with the potential for an 11% price spike in the near future, according to the four-hour time frame. The cryptocurrency has been gaining momentum in recent weeks, with a solid uptrend that began in the first part of March, as mentioned in a previous article.

The strong support level formed around the $0.35 threshold has acted as a consolidation point, setting the stage for a significant long-term reversal. Cardano has been steadily going upward for the last 13 days, with a more than 18% increase in value during that time. The recent positive price performance has been fueled by the current banking crisis and the rise of the cryptocurrency market, which has become a safe haven for many investors.

Should ADA experience a bounce from the local trend support level, it is highly likely to move toward the local high, resulting in an 11% rise. This upward trajectory is in line with the ongoing uptrend, offering a potential opportunity for investors to capitalize on the growth.

The banking crisis and the subsequent rise of the cryptocurrency market have played a significant role in Cardano’s recent uptrend. As investors seek refuge from traditional financial markets, cryptocurrencies like Cardano offer an alternative investment with the potential for high returns.

Furthermore, Cardano’s robust technology and focus on sustainability have made it an attractive choice for investors who seek undervalued projects.

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