DOGE Price up 4% as Elon Musk Mentions Dogecoin in Provocative Tweet

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Yuri Molchan
Elon Musk responded to Dogecoin designer, mentioning DOGE, pushing the coin’s price up

Prominent Dogecoin advocate, tech billionaire Elon Musk mentioned a “fee for visiting Twitter headquarters,” which should be paid in DOGE, in a joke tweet. The Twitter boss responded to user “DogeDesigner” (@cb_doge), who wanted to visit the head office of this social media platform.

At the same time, the price of the largest meme token by market cap began rising, possibly as a result of Elon Musk giving it a mention.

3 DOGE to visit Twitter headquarters

@cb_doge tweeted that he will be coming to the U.S. in April to watch the launch of SpaceX Starship in Texas. He said that he also wanted to drop in and visit the Twitter headquarters, and he asked Elon Musk permission to enter the building.

Musk jokingly responded that it would “cost 3 Doge.” This is even less than the $8 USD fee that Twitter requires from users per month for a blue verification check. Three Dogecoins at the current $0.077 exchange rate stands at $0.222040 USD.

After this tweet by Musk, the popular DOGE price printed a massive green candle on an hourly chart, rising over 4% to reach $0.0785. At the time of this writing, Dogecoin has dropped slightly, changing hands at $0.0776 on the Binance exchange.













The rise in the price may be attributed to a brief splash in the enthusiasm of the Dogecoin army, which keeps wishing Elon Musk would adopt DOGE for tipping creators and/or micropayments on Twitter. He had spoken about that option before he laid his hands on the largest social network.

Whales shovel 930 million Dogecoin

Data shared by popular crypto tracker Whale Alert shows that roughly 10 hours ago, two anonymous wallets transferred a total of 930 million Dogecoin. These funds were moved to other unknown wallets, as is clear from the details shared by the above-mentioned tracking service.

This amount of Dogecoin is the equivalent of $71,940,654. Whales are sensitive to the tweets of such influencers as Elon Musk, and they may respond immediately once he mentions DOGE. In this case, transfers could be OTC trades since the addresses are marked as anonymous and are not linked to any centralized crypto exchange.

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