Dogecoin (DOGE) Building Block Receives New Update: Details

Dogecoin developer Michi Lumin has unveiled new Libdogecoin release version 0.1.2 weeks after teasing it.

In a long tweet, Lumin explains that the new release is a big one and a rollup of the interim 0.1.1 release. Dogecoin-focused Twitter account Mishaboar took to Twitter to announce the release.

Without the need for in-depth blockchain understanding, LibDogecoin is a simple C library that enables the lightweight direct integration of Dogecoin into many platforms.

In August 2022, LibDogecoin v.0.1’s initial release was announced. After that, LibDogecoin’s development proceeded with version 0.1.1, which later evolved into the current version 0.1.2.

Projects like RadioDoge, Gigawallet and other upcoming ones are being developed on the foundation of LibDogecoin, a C library of Dogecoin building blocks. 

Here’s what changed

According to Michi Lumin, the new version 0.1.2 includes several new features and fixes, including memory integrity checks and truncation fixes, among others. She highlights several changes that Libdogecoin has received since its initial release. 

Libdogecoin now supports the generation of seed phrases to and from keys in many languages. It also now properly derives keys and addresses. With the new update, Libdogecoin can now generate QR codes on the fly (in text, jpeg and png formats) without any additional libraries.

Message signing also got updated, as Libdogecoin now supports message and transaction signing and verification. Libdogecoin also received improvements in dependencies as well as network awareness, which allows developers to query a flag to see if libdogecoin was built with networking functionality or not.

Lumin concludes that work is in progress for new inclusions in the upcoming version 0.1.3.

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