Gymnasium 0.28 is now released

Gymnasium v0.28.0 is now released: This release introduces improved support for the reproducibility of Gymnasium environments, particularly for offline reinforcement learning. Additionally, we introduce a new experimental VectorEnv API for much more efficient parallelization, and a series of other minor changes.

To improve reproducibility of environments, `gym.make` can now create the entire environment stack, including wrappers, such that training libraries or offline datasets can specify all of the arguments and wrappers used for an environment. For a majority of standard usage (`gym.make(”EnvironmentName-v0”)`), this will be backwards compatible but for certain uncommon cases (i.e. `env.spec` and `env.unwrapped.spec` return different specs) this is a breaking change.

This release also includes a large number of documentation updates, minor bug fixes, and other minor improvements; the full release notes are available here if you’d like to learn more:

We’re also always interested in new contributors, and you can check out our discord server for more information here:

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