Pooky App Launches Play-to-Earn Game in Mainnet

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Vladislav Sopov
Pooky, a mainstream sport predictions applcation, unveils its Play-to-Earn game created by Splinterlands an The Sandbox alumni

Pooky, a popular application for prediction markes on sports, joins global Play-to-Earn ecosystem as it releases first-ever gamified betting platform with NFTs as bonuses for daily tournaments.

Pooky app releases Play-to-Earn game

According to the official announcement shared by the team of Pooky, a sports predictions application, its pioneering Play-to-Earn game kicks off in mainnet. The game is co-developed by Alfred Vesligaj (formerly Splinterlands) and Damian Volatino, ex-head of product in The Sandbox (SAND), a world-leading metaverse game.

This game merges the benefits of Web3 game and prediction application. While playing, Pookyball NFTs holders compete with each other to predict the outcome of football games. Accurate sum of rewards is based on rank and skills of this or that player.

Pooky’s game underwent beta testing campaign: over 7,000 betting enthusiasts made 700,000 predictions. The interest in the game was amplified by global influencers Fiago, RazzHD, and Sims2 that reviewed its design and gameplay.

Preparing the much-anticipated release, the game developers sold out the first drop of Pooky non-fungible tokens. 1,000 Genesis Pookyball NFTs have need distributed between ‘early birds’ accounts in March, 2023.

Besides Play-to-Earn, crypto enthusiasts can compete with each other in a Free-to-Play mode: it doesn’t require any fees and NFTs to join. As such Pooky’s game is set to introduce crypto gaming to no-coiners.

Prize pools of 500 MATIC per day are live, bigger rewards to come

In a Play-to-Earn mode, gamers will also share additional rewards pool between each other. Minimum size of reward prize pools equals 500 Polygon (MATIC) tokens. This metric will be increased.

Pooky’s Play-to-Earn will be introduced on March.23, 2023. The prizes from rewards pool will be shared between the most successful 50% of players.

Besides exciting gameplay, Pooky will periodically introduce new NFTs drops on their official marketplace. The tokens of Pooky game can be traded on native platform and on third-party markets.

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