Ripple CTO Trolls Elon Musk for His Love of Memes, Here’s How

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Yuri Molchan
Cofounder of XRP Ledger says that he is ‘equal opportunity mocker,’ that is why he picked Tesla boss

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David Schwartz, the chief technology officer at Ripple Labs, shared a tweet of Elon Musk with a comment that some of Schwartz’s followers interpreted as mocking the innovative tech billionaire.

Schwartz posted a picture of a book called “Internet Memes for Dummies” (a book cover parody from the Internet) as if rebuking Elon Musk for tweeting so many of them over the past few years. Schwartz asked his Twitter followers to read this “book” ASAP.

Answering a question from his follower, about why he is mocking Elon Musk for memes, the Ripple CTO called himself “an equal opportunity mocker.” He added that Musk often does things that are “extremely mockable.”

David Schwartz is active on Twitter, often tweeting things not even related to cryptocurrencies. This time, he trolled Elon Musk. Previously, however, he congratulated (in his particular style) the tech mogul on winning the Tesla case against the SEC, which started in 2018.

On Feb. 4, Schwartz tweeted “I’m taking XRP private at $420. Funding secured.” Despite all of the tweets the Ripple CTO targeted at Musk, though, the latter remains a vocal Dogecoin advocate without paying any attention to XRP or Ripple Labs. Musk has never commented on the SEC case against Ripple.

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