Uphold Unveils Coreum Airdrop Snapshot Timeline for Holders

Multi-asset digital trading platform Uphold has announced support for the Coreum token and also for its upcoming airdrop.

As a reminder to XRP, SOLO and Coreum users, the deadline for the Coreum snapshot is March 24 at midnight ET/4:00 a.m. UTC, and the only way to qualify is to hold the previously listed tokens.

Snapshots are used to record the balance of a token holder at a particular time. Based on the number of tokens held at the moment of the snapshot, the quantity of tokens a user receives from an airdrop is determined.

The Coreum Blockchain’s mainnet is expected to launch on March 24, 2023. A total of 100,000,000 CORE tokens will be airdropped to COREUM holders, and 50,000,000 xCORE tokens (option tokens with a strike option price of $10) will be distributed to both SOLO and XRP holders to push engagement with the newly launched Coreum blockchain.

XRPL to be interoperable with Coreum blockchain

Sologenic and Coreum cofounder Bob Ras recently highlighted the potential benefits of interoperability between XRP Ledger and the Sologenic Development Foundation’s Coreum. XRP would be able to benefit from smart contract capabilities.

“It’s notable to mention that the XRPL-Coreum interoperability enables XRP, SOLO, and eventually, other XRPL tokens to access the Coreum blockchain, unlocking the limitless potential for innovative use-cases by utilizing Coreum’s smart token technology. Both XRP and SOLO benefit from smart contract capabilities,” Ras said in a recent tweet.

Source: https://u.today/xrp-uphold-unveils-coreum-airdrop-snapshot-timeline-for-holders
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